Troubled youth deserve a second chance

In just this last month a bill in the House passed that allowed, among many things, issues surrounding juvenile detention.  I want to bring awareness to this bill for many reasons that I feel the youth population of southwest Minneapolis should hear.

This bill (HF3061) stresses the idea that youth who offend should take advantage of projects like Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI).

This specific project puts youth who offend for the first time into organizations and shelters that help the youth work on goals and their behavior until their heard court date.  These organizations then transport the youth to court.

An organization called The Bridge for Youth is one that I currently am interning at that provides services to youth from JDAI.  This organization among others has been shown to have a positive outcome for the youth who enter it.  According to the 2012 Annual Report for the The Bridge for Youth: “120 youth were served in this program, and 85 percent were reunified with families.”

I feel that it is important for the people of Southwest Minneapolis, including the youth, to support bills like this in the future.

Alex Rhees