Please be a responsible dog owner

Sunday’s weather brought out many to enjoy the wonderful day as we collectively came out of hibernation to enjoy a beautiful 70-degree spring day.

Unfortunately, for some, poor dog ownership ruined what would have been a great memory of spring of great weather and neighbors into a scary, horrific nightmare.

My family knows many of the neighborhood dogs.  We are dog owners, and we love walking our dogs around the lakes.  Many owners do the right thing; they leash, pick up, and keep their dogs controlled.  Others do not. 

Example: The dog owner who taunts and bullies other dogs by allowing his pet to jump up, barking wildly into the yards and into windows of others’ houses is not a responsible owner — his odd grin during this act, to our dismay, is concerning.   Although he’s been asked to not do this, it continues.  If you are reading this letter, take note:  you will be reported the next time this happens.

Just blocks from this ridiculous behavior, a neighbor’s dog was viciously attacked and killed by a boxer/pit bull mix, while the “owner” stood by and watched along with her baby and three small children under the age of 10.

What lessons did they learn during this encounter while their “pet” killed a neighbor’s dog?

Our neighborhood needs to be a safe place for everyone.

L Hiestand