Be kind on the trails

In “The arrogance of the bike-path runner” I agreed with much of what David Bauer said but his tone could use some work.

I cannot remember the last time that a biker has stopped for me in a pedestrian crosswalk on our trails or streets.  As a citizen bike advocate I have helped to design some difficult bike/ped/car intersections in our city.  We have chosen designs that assume bikers will disobey trail signage and pedestrian right-of-way. So the next time Mr. Bauer wants to yell at a pedestrian for breaking the law in his bike path, he might want to think twice.  I do the same when a biker ignores me as a pedestrian in a crosswalk.  And I urge my fellow bikers to think about etiquette and courtesy on our trails.

Bob Corrick
A frequent city biker, walker, and jogger