Marion Greene sees the big picture

As a minister, elected official, non-profit consultant, and community leader, I look at the larger picture and see the barriers that prevent the real progress in closing our opportunity gaps.  When it comes to providing health care, education, transit solutions, and fair and sustainable housing, we need to understand the larger picture and how to move us toward progress and equity.  Marion Greene is such a leader and thinker.

In the years I have known Marion Greene I have appreciated the way her keen mind works and how she relates genuinely to all people.  Marion listens well, she thinks creatively, is a collaborator and makes the connections vital for good policy.  We can count on Marion to eliminate health disparities among racial groups while considering lifestyle factors like access to transit, fresh foods, good paying jobs.  Additionally Marion will make sure that HCMC will continue to provide world-class care.

While other candidates share many of these same progressive values, I believe that Marion Greene is the best candidate for County Commissioner because she has the life experience and gifts to make the right decisions to generate progress on multiple fronts.

This is why I support Marion Greene for County Commissioner and hope that you will too!

David B. Wheeler
President, Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation