Nicollet Mall can live up to its potential

Sam Newberg is far off base with his idea to remove the four skyways over the Nicollet Mall.  

Having worked downtown for more than 15 years I’ve come to realize that were it not for those skyways, I would be bringing a sack lunch to work instead of going to restaurants everyday during the cold winter months.  And I am not alone.  Pizza from Torby’s gets cold fast when it is below zero outside.  So does soup and a Reuben sandwich from D-Brian’s Deli.

Do those restaurants want to lose business in order to accommodate Newberg’s personal vision of the Nicollet Mall?  What Newberg fails to realize is that the reason why people use the skyways instead of the Mall, which Newberg admits is more trafficked than any skyway (though still not enough to his liking), is because for them it is the better choice.  Sadly, there are people like Newberg in our society who would remove both the skyways and people’s freedom of choice in order to force them to act as they see fit.

Mark Tarnowski