Ben for Hennepin County Commissioner

I want to tell you why I am supporting Ben Schweigert to be our next Hennepin County Commissioner.

Many of us volunteered in the mayoral election last year because we care deeply about our community.  We care about closing the opportunity gap, creating effective transportation systems and having a community that is healthy and strong.

Our County Commissioners have just as much, if not more power than the mayor’s office to address these issues. We have the opportunity this spring to elect a commissioner for Gail Dorfman’s seat as she has announced she will be stepping down. I believe Ben Schweigert is the best choice and let me tell you why.

I met Ben a few years ago when he became my neighbor.  I was impressed and inspired by his earnest commitment to economic, racial and social justice.

As an Assistant Hennepin County attorney Ben practices that commitment every day. He works in the white collar crime division, often prosecuting those who have targeted vulnerable Minnesotans with mortgage fraud or other financial crimes.

Ben is also the kind of person who will study a problem and work to solve it.

He is a policy fellow at Minnesota 2020 where he has written in-depth policy analysis on many issues. His sharp intellect and policy-driven focus will serve him well on the Hennepin County Board.

Most of all, I am supporting Ben for his progressive vision for our future.

Ben is committed to improving our great region for the long-term. The issues he wants to address — like closing our opportunity gap — are the the issues vital not just now, but for the success of our region for a generation to come.

Ben is a positive, hard-working leader that we can depend on to work with us.

I encourage you to join me on Tuesday, February 4th and caucus for Ben Schweigert at the DFL precinct caucuses.

Juliana Keen