Please shovel your sidewalks

Don’t you just hate it when you trip and accidentally dump your child and their stroller into oncoming traffic?  

This should just be an irrational fear for a parent but it happens to me at least three days a week when I am trying to walk my eldest child to preschool. Somehow shoveling one’s sidewalk has become option in the recent years.  

Silly me still fears the city will come around and give me a fine if my sidewalk isn’t shoveled 24 hours after it has snowed. Clearly I’m in the minority of those that think this way. I understand it’s a pain and no one wants to do it but there has to be plenty of people like myself out there who still NEED to use the sidewalks.  

There are multiple times throughout the winter that I am close to tears of frustration of having to push a stroller or pull a wagon simply down the street. The above incident of dumping my child and stroller into the street came when I was trying to push the stroller over three FEET of snow because whomever lived on that corner didn’t bother to shovel, let alone shovel the ramp leading to the street. So, good citizens of Minneapolis, I beg you, please shovel your sidewalks and help to keep this Mama sane this winter. 

Erika LaDousa