A neighborhood in need of more airport noise mitigation

(In response to David Brauer’s recent column, “Will 2014 be the year of the airport-noise ‘superhighways’?”)

We live on the 50th & Nicollet block bounded by 50th Street to our north, 51 St./E. Elmwood Pl/Luverne Ave. to our South, Nicollet to our west & Stevens Avenue to our east. It is a small, friendly, family-centered two-square block section of Tangletown. Our house is the highest point pretty much for all of South Minneapolis, except for the water tower.

I think I speak for all of our neighbors in this little carved out neighborhood that we feel completely forgotten as far as the noise mitigation program goes. We were allowed $1,500 toward any kind of sound abatement while our neighbors just across all of the streets surrounding us received many times that amount. I work from home. Our home did not have air-conditioning so I had to have the windows open in the summer.

We put new sound-approved windows in my office and air-conditioning in through-out our home at many times the cost of the money allotted to us. We were told that the airplanes “keep a strict course to following 50th St.” to our north and follow 35W to our east. I can tell you that is a pure flat-out lie. With the air-conditioning in place and all of our windows closed (even the old non-sound insulated windows), it helps a lot. We are used to the eating al-fresco in the summer with the planes flying directly overhead. We expect it. We have lived in Southwest Minneapolis for over 30 years and are well aware of the noise level outside. But whether the RNAV spreads out the pain or concentrates it, the people living under the flight paths should be able to have proper sound mitigation for better quality of life in-doors.

Lorraine Stavrou
East Tangletown