Taxpayers should haven’t to pay to spruce up Target Center

Upon reading that the city of Minneapolis is spending $48.5 million in our tax dollars on improving the Target Center I was anything but thrilled. Even more troublesome is knowing that the new stadium legislation allows the city to spend huge amounts of public money without getting any sort of approval from its citizens.

Stephanie Woodruff has a very good point about prioritizing this stadium renovation over other city projects. There are far more important things in this city to spend money on than making a stadium “more competitive.”

How does something like more seats for a concert actually benefit the citizens of Minneapolis? Is there evidence that the stadium will make any significant increase in profit as a result of these renovations? Our public schools have suffered from serious budget cutbacks and we have many neighborhoods that are struggling to thrive. Our tax dollars would better benefit the people of Minneapolis if spent on our children’s educations and keeping our neighborhoods clean and safe. The stadiums should pay for their own jumbo screens and fancy suites for big ticket holders and not reach into taxpayer’s pockets.

Lisa Lawrence