Matt Perry for a strong City Council

We have a very important election this November that will impact the future of our city for years to come.

Our city faces great challenges ranging from gross income disparity, lack of affordable housing, a school system under stress with one of the largest achievement gaps in the country, transit issues that need to be addressed in the very short term, development trends that without good leadership will polarize our community from our neighborhoods to downtown, real estate taxes that are stressing our residents and an overall economy that is in flux.  Yes, this is a critical time for Minneapolis and it requires the best, the brightest and the most experienced folks leading the way at City Hall.

We, in the Ward 13, are very fortunate to have three strongly committed and talented candidates running to represent us on the City Council:  Missy Durant, Linea Palmisano and Matt Perry.

I strongly endorse Matt Perry for City Council.  Matt Perry is the best prepared candidate of the three to promote sound financial stewardship, create smart, sustainable growth that benefits everyone, and build a more responsive, engaged city government.  Matt is the candidate that has the years of both public and private business experience giving him the maturity so needed on the City Council at this time.

Jim Graves
Ward 13 resident