Mark Andrew is our first choice for Minneapolis Mayor

Our next mayor will take office with a moral imperative to help close opportunity gaps for children and ensure that every student in Minneapolis schools graduates prepared for both employment and citizenship.

We are pleased that many of the candidates in this mayor’s race talk about education but we believe only Mark Andrew brings the collaborative skills necessary to become our city’s next education mayor.

Mark will work with the school board, parents, teachers and community leaders to make sure there’s a great school in every neighborhood, but he won’t stop there. Homeless and highly-mobile students account for the largest gaps in math and reading achievement, and closing these and other gaps requires more than improving our schools. A good education starts at home, and Mark’s plan is aimed to help ensure our students grow up in safe neighborhoods and in stable families with food on the table and money for school supplies.

In mid-October, Mark stood with education advocates representing every aspect of the ongoing kids and school discussion to announce his Mayor’s Council on Education. Instead of tabling tough issues, Mark Andrew brings diverse leaders to the table. He put education first in his plan for Minneapolis, and we’re making him our first choice on November 5.

Don and Arvonne Fraser