Why I will not vote for Missy Durant in Ward 13

I will not vote for Missy Durant in the Ward 13 City Council race, although I am impressed by her fresh perspective. She does not pander, divide, or dumb-down, but rather engages with an indefatigable work ethic. She freely admits she doesn’t know all the answers and asks more questions than any politician I’ve followed.

I’ve also seen her rise above the political pettiness evident even in this local contest. I believe Missy is the best candidate to represent Ward 13, but I will not vote for her.

Her infectious optimism and grass-roots organizing would make Paul Wellstone proud. Her pragmatic approach to problem solving reminds me of Arne Carlson. Her real world business experience should intrigue fiscal conservatives, while her love of parks and public schools will likely irk social conservatives. Still, I will not vote for her.

Missy is not a career politician, and thus she’s not indebted to special interests.  Her integrity is unmatched in this race and her desire to serve the Ward is genuine. She simply loves Minneapolis and wants to make it better for her family and neighbors.  And therein lies the problem:  I live in St. Paul.

Jason Flynn