Why I support Linea Palmisano

I’m very concerned about the future of Minneapolis, my city.  This is why I am supporting Linea Palmisano for City Council representative for Ward 13.

I look at Linnea’s personal history and I see an innovative person who thinks tough and generous while still being creative.  I’m referring especially to her action of creating NAVIGATE, the program that guides and supports non-college track students into college success.  She doesn’t deny the challenges of the situation, but rather uses her creative insights and generous support to craft a pathway to success for students who want to go to college but aren’t ‘lined-up’ by family background to get to there.

We need toughness and creativity.  Witness the lack of creative thinking and innovative work in the Minnesota Orchestra standoff.  This  blunt instrument approach to problem solving is destroying the prize winning orchestra and cannot meet the challenges of our city, our arts organizations, our businesses  or our schools.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Linea.

Pat Gottschalk