Why I support John Quincy in Ward 11

Ward 11 has found a capable, compassionate and committed public servant in Council Member John Quincy.  During his time in office, he has proven to be an approachable, responsive, and progressive leader.  

As a resident of the Tangletown neighborhood, I have attended countless neighborhood events – meetings, festivals, concerts, etc.  I cannot recall a single event where John Quincy was not present.  He is fully immersed in our community.  He excels in constituent services, taking care to listen to individuals and neighborhood organizations alike.

Council Member Quincy’s got a little something for everyone.  Die-hard environmentalist? John was instrumental in bringing one-sort recycling to the ward and is currently working on a project to explore community organic recycling.  

Concerned about airport noise? John’s got your back. He has worked tirelessly as the city’s representative on the Noise Oversight Committee for the Metropolitan Airports Commission.  Social justice more your thing?  John currently serves as the City Council’s representative for Heading Home Hennepin, a collaboration of government, business, faith, and advocacy leaders working to end homelessness.  

John also recently sponsored the expansion of the city’s Responsible Banking Ordinance, increasing transparency and requiring banks to file a Community Reinvestment Plan every two years.

We are lucky to have Council Member Quincy.  Take a peek at the incredible organizations that endorse him.  John Quincy cares deeply about the city and the ward.  I will be proud to choose him as my first choice for Ward 11 City Council on November 5th. 

Madeline Mitchell