Vote Mark Andrew for mayor

I have known Mark Andrew since 8th grade and he is a dear friend. 

I want to encourage you to support Mark’s candidacy for Mayor of Minneapolis: 

  • The Environment. As a student at the University of Minnesota, Mark was the first President of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG). As a Hennepin County Commissioner, he developed and helped to enact County-wide recycling programs and promoted the development of the Mid-Town Greenway. As a business owner, he devised and incorporated effective strategies for the greenest sports stadium in the world – Target Field. 

The development of the eastern portion of downtown Minneapolis for the Vikings stadium will have a major impact on our city for the next 50 years. Mark’s green stewardship will be a model for Minneapolis, as well as other cities throughout the country.

  • Hennepin County Government. As a member and chairman of the Hennepin County Board for 16 years, Mark’s bipartisan approach earned him the admiration of Board members, his constituents, and governmental bodies throughout our state.
  • Business. As the owner of Greenmark Sports, Mark has worked with sports facilities throughout the country to incorporate green technologies.
  • Public Education. Mark graduated from Washburn High School and his two children graduated from Minneapolis Public Schools. Throughout his career, he has served on numerous Boards for at-risk children and has worked closely with the Minneapolis School Board.
  • Human Rights. As a member of the Hennepin County Board, Mark has fostered major advances on behalf of the GLBT community, women, children and the mentally ill.
  • Endorsements. The impressive array of individuals who have endorsed Mark’s candidacy include national and state elected figures, business owners, union organizations, and members of both major political parties (see

Mark has a rare skill-set that will advance the goals of Minneapolis for a better environment, a caring community, and a strong and successful economy.

While there are many candidates for mayor, only Mark has the vision and proven record of accomplishment for our community.

I am proud to call him my friend and you will be proud to call him your mayor. 

William Lubov
St. Louis Park