Tuthill is most qualified to represent Ward 10

I recently read a quote about Council Member Tuthill:  “What so impresses me about Council Member Tuthill is that she has turned her campaign into a series of community building events,” signed by Anders Christensen. 

I agree with this sentiment, and this comment makes me of the phrase “Of the community. By the community. For the community.”

The 10th Ward needs someone Of the community.  Council Member Tuthill has been active in our community for over 40 years as a volunteer and a small business owner.  She has been a supporter of neighborhoods —  fighting to protect the things that draw people to, and keep people in, the 10th Ward.

She genuinely cares about what happens here.

The 10th Ward needs someone chosen By the community. Four years ago, Council Member Tuthill was elected to represent Ward 10 overwhelmingly.

Since then, she has never stopped being a voice for her community and actively seeks out different points of view from our Ward.

Lastly, the 10th Ward needs someone consistently working For the community.

During her first term, Council Member Tuthill impressed us all because she did not follow a self-serving political agenda, but instead nailed one of the most important parts of the job — constituent service.  This is very different from a few of her predecessors. I see her at every significant event in Ward 10 … and some maybe not so significant.  She is always there — actively listening and supporting the work of our many engaged stakeholders that we need to keep Ward 10 a great place to live, work and play.

Simply said, there is no one more qualified than Council Member Meg Tuthill to represent Ward 10 in this election. I encourage 10th Ward voters to join me in supporting Meg as the right person for the next four years.

Lara Norkus-Crampton
Minneapolis, Ward 10