Tuthill is a star on constituent services

We are residents or business owners in the current or future 10th Ward in Minneapolis.  

In the last three-plus years, we have called or written to Council Member Meg Tuthill with questions, concerns or suggestions.  On each occasion, Meg and her staff were professional and responsive.  Sometimes we dealt with Meg, other times with her capable staff.  They answered our questions, took into account our concerns, acted on our suggestions, fixed our problems, or referred us to other city staff.  

We also see Meg and her staff frequently in the neighborhoods of the 10th Ward, attending neighborhood and business meetings, hosting forums, visiting businesses. On this important measure of a Council Member’s effectiveness – constituent services – Meg Tuthill has done the best job possible.

Your 10th Ward residents:

Allison Griffin, Whittier; Kathleen Dion, ECCO; Julie Cohen, CARAG; Binh and Christina Le, Ward 10 Business Owners; Gary Dombouy, Whittier; Ed Etscheidt and Mike Spellman, ECCO; Linda Welter, Wedge; Anna Matthes and Howard Verson, CARAG; Keith and Nancy Sjoquist , CARAG; Eric and Heather Wulfsberg, ECCO; Dan and Terri Burks, Wedge; Tim and Lara Norkus-Crampton, ECCO; Gary and Evelyn Hill, Wedge; Phyllis Roden, ECCO; Gary and Andi Thaden, Wedge; Paul Ryan, LHENA; Beth Popalisky, East Harriet; Audrey Johnson and Jim Moffet, LHENA; Bruce and Mary Sabatke, ECCO; Al and Kay Anderson, ECCO; John and Sue Bode, Wedge; Ellan Meyer and Tom Parsons, CARAG; Sonja Hayden, LHENA; Rita O’Keeffe, Wedge; Jesse Oyervides, Whittier; and Steve and Kris Prince, Wedge