Setting the record straight on Palmisano’s position on energy issues

As Co-Chair of Neighbors for Linea, I disagree with Michael Hohmann’s letter about this year’s 13th Ward City Council election. I am supporting Linea Palmisano because of her strong educational credentials, solid private sector experience, and extensive community volunteer experience.

Linea won DFL endorsement in May after thorough vetting by caucus attendees, city organizations, volunteers, contributors, DFL delegates, and other 13th Ward voters. Her opponent Matt Perry participated fully in the same process and promised not to run if the DFL endorsed another candidate, but reneged on his commitment after he lost.

I am writing to correct Mr. Hohmann’s statement about Linea’s position on Minneapolis energy issues. Linea does not support, and has never supported, city takeover of our gas and electric providers. She did endorse an initiative of Minneapolis Energy Options to study energy options.  She also supports MEO’s efforts to achieve more renewable energy, improvements to our fragile and aging power grids, and more local jobs based on a greener energy system.

The City Council approved such a study and has adopted new energy goals. With energy franchise agreements up for renewal in 2014, Linea’s finance background will enable her to examine proposals to solicit the best options available to align our energy systems with our community’s environmental values.

Linea Palmisano is the best choice to achieve 13th Ward residents’ vision for a greener Minneapolis.

Judi Sateren