Perry is the smart choice for Ward 13

Not only is Matt Perry the obvious choice to represent Ward 13 as the next Minneapolis City Council Member, he’s the smart choice.

We were part of a grass-roots campaign before the Park Board for a new off-leash area in SW Minneapolis.  Our coalition was dedicated to reaching out to all stakeholders in our wider community, and one such meeting was with the Nicollet-East Harriet Business Association (NEHBA).

We found an experienced and invaluable resource in the President of NEHBA, Matt Perry.  He is adept at navigating the politics involved, able to communicate with our novice group as easily as with local business owners and elected officials, and immediately showed interest in improving our community through fostering and building our efforts.

Matt Perry has the combination of skills, knowledge, and ability to listen that made us feel engaged, empowered, and heard.

As the Chair of city-wide boards and commissions, as the founder and President of the business association, as a moderator for online discussions of local issues, and through his insatiable appetite for information, dedication to making responsible choices, and interest in governance that benefits all members of our community, Matt Perry has already been “on the job”, but now it is time to elect him to the position officially.

In addition to his leadership roles, and despite his calendar laden with community engagement meetings and advisory boards, Matt Perry also remains concerned with local residents and efforts at a personal level.

Demonstrating honest enthusiasm for our neighborhood vision, Matt accompanied us to multiple dog parks to observe and learn about the interactions and connections made between park users.  Not (yet) a dog owner himself, and despite our residence outside his immediate area, Matt Perry still surpassed most elected officials we approached with his genuine camaraderie and shared excitement for the “big picture” we dreamed of.

He put his money where his mouth is by first rescuing and sponsoring a stray dog found by his wife, Karen, and also by supporting us and Retrieve a Golden of MN (RAGOM) through multiple fundraisers as a major contributor and participant in our annual walk.  In conversations with us, Matt Perry listened and recognized the efficient planning, engagement, and stewardship values he shares with RAGOM, and he stepped up to take part, just as he has on behalf of others.

Matt Perry is actively interested, energetically involved, as masterful a listener as he is a leader, a steward of his community, and a foster to the engagement of others.

Dedicated to responsible choices and accountable governance, Matt Perry will not only represent Ward 13 well, he is the smart choice to guide the other incoming Minneapolis City Council Members with extensive first-hand knowledge and experience.

Vote Matt Perry for Minneapolis City Council Ward 13 on November 5th.

Ben and Gail Harris