Palmisano’s endorsements speak volumes

I am supporting Linea Palmisano for 13th Ward City Council because, as an experienced professional, familiar with negotiating tough issues in a corporate environment – she has the experience to do the work.  

Additionally, she has a proven track record identifying community needs, stepping in to engage stakeholders, guiding the process to arrive at consensus, and then allowing the work to be done without micromanaging or grandstanding.  Linea also brings a realistic perspective to our city and region, understanding the necessity of strategic growth and the importance of diversity as we look toward the future.

Most important to me, Linea is true to her word. Another candidate in this race sought the DFL endorsement and promised to abide by the Ward 13 voter results and support the winner.  Now that Linea has earned that endorsement, the other candidate has reneged on that promise and even goes so far as to discount her endorsements.  You will not get that disingenuousness with Linea.

The endorsement process is taken very seriously by the organizations awarding them and it demonstrates their belief in the candidates’ skills, abilities – and values – to perform the difficult work of governance.  In addition to the DFL endorsement from Ward 13 voters, the other endorsements Linea has received are significant.  When these groups screened and then selected Linea they determined she is the best candidate for Minneapolis City Council for the 13th Ward.  Below is a partial list of Linea’s endorsements:

•Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis,

•Minneapolis Firefighters Local 82,


•SEIU Minnesota State Council,

•Minneapolis Building Trades,

•Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation AFL-CIO,

•Stonewall DFL,

•DFL African American Caucus,

•Minnesota Asian-Indian Democratic Association,

•and many more (see

The fact that Linea can garner the support of the DFL and these other major groups is significant, given that her opponents tout their experience in participating in neighborhood associations and City committees.  I respect the desire and dedication of all of Linea’s opponents to serve as elected officials. However, their ‘experience’ was not enough to convince Ward 13 DFL delegates or these other endorsing groups that they were the best for the Ward 13 City Council seat, because they all endorsed Linea. 

For these reasons Linea Palmisano will get my vote for Minneapolis City Council in the 13th Ward and I hope she will get yours too.

Stephen Yogi Rueff
East Harriet