My boss is running for Mayor

How do you write a letter in support of your boss? How often do people even ponder this question? I mean I am talking about my boss after all. Well, this is what I am trying to do here. My boss is an amazing person. She is. I have said this ad nauseam to my family, friends and on social networking sites.

She is funny, spontaneous, sharp, and ridiculously smart. She has driven me to persevere and succeed more than ever before. 

So you are probably asking, who is my boss? She is Betsy Hodges, current Minneapolis City Council Member for Ward 13. And she is running to be the next Mayor of our great city. Betsy is truly one of a kind. She is the kind of boss you don’t dread to see but ACTUALLY look forward to seeing on a daily basis. I hear her footsteps and I don’t cringe, but smile. Yes, cool bosses are out there and I am one of the lucky ones to work with one of those great leaders. Our Policy Aide, Jennifer Swanson and I love working with her and stand alongside her in support of what she has done, and the next move she is making. 

Betsy Hodges is inspiring, insightful, caring and the sort of person Minneapolis residents would be forever fortunate to have as our Mayor. She is driven in everything she does to make our city even greater. I believe in her. I took this job because I believe in Betsy. She is what residents should want out of an elected official. Betsy is a good person, relentless activist and leader on the most important issues of our city. I see that leadership every day and am writing this letter out of my own accord to ask you to give strong consideration in supporting someone who is committed to make me, and Minneapolis, succeed. 

 Zack Farley
Associate, Minneapolis City Council Ward 13