Meg Tuthill is the experienced leader Ward 10 deserves


As a lifelong resident of Minneapolis and proud Democrat, I urge 10th Ward residents to vote for Meg Tuthill on Tuesday, Nov. 5th. From her experience bringing people together and work to solve serious problems impacting both residents and business, she deserves a second term.  

For decades, shoppers, patrons for dinner and late night entertainment have come to Uptown because they feel safe. The health of our residential neighborhoods around Uptown are an integral part of that experience. Maintaining the balance in Uptown between a vibrant business District with residential livability requires the leadership and bridge-building skills that Meg Tuthill has provided.

From 2006 to 2010, an upward spiral of ambient noise from the core Uptown district on neighborhoods became intolerable. In front of our homes, we saw increased vomiting and public urination, sex on the street, hostile drunks, and dozens of bar patrons meeting and hanging out after the bars closed on weekend nights. It became clear that late night late night issues in Uptown needed to be addressed before serious injury and lawsuits incurred. Meg Tuthill was the first council member in 10 years to bring Uptown businesses and residents together and achieve a measureable level of success.

With similar complaints from other areas of the city, Meg introduced an ordinance to address noise and residential livability concerns. As good legislators do, she then pulled back the proposed ordinance to committee which effectively brought all parties together at City Hall. Her task-force included three residents, six business leaders, and regulatory staff.    

 From our Council member’s leadership, restaurants and bars finally brought in a sound consultant to redesign amplification that minimizes sound leakage into the neighborhoods. New taxi stands have been added and businesses started  “hush” campaigns to encourage late night patrons leaving bars to be mindful of area residents. Extra police patrols that enhance security have been added on weekends which are paid by the bars and restaurants. Much to the credit of both businesses and Tuthill, not a single call for police to break up late night throngs in front of our homes has been necessary since adjournment of the working group.

After these changes were made, there have been zero residential complaints over the last year. Clearly, the livability trend line in Uptown and surrounding neighborhoods has improved. Area businesses are to be commended for this “self-correcting” effort but it is current Council member Tuthill’s experience and pragmatic leadership that has improved the urban environment in our community. This is a remarkable turnaround and important step forward as we build a better city. 

Today, Tuthill’s opponent supporters are quick to criticize her leadership to preserve neighborhood livability, our tax base, and for protecting bars from potential litigation. They have gone so far as to call residential livability issues “trivial” and  our homesteads obsolete. This is not a view point of citizenship we can accept in Minneapolis.   

What happens to our Uptown neighborhood serves as a bell-weather for every home owner in Minneapolis. At a time we see remarkable residential construction with balanced business growth down here at the crossroads, our 10th Ward will continue to be better served with the reelection of Council member Meg Tuthill.                                                                                                                                     

Phillip Qualy