Matt Perry will be an effective steward of our tax dollars

I have been President of the DFL Feminist Caucus, Associate Chair of the 5th Congressional District, Senate District Chair and member of the State Executive Committee.

To me being a good Democrat means supporting the most qualified candidate for the job.  

For the 13th Ward City Council seat, that is Matt Perry.  In fact, I am one of the many people who asked him to get back into the race.  With the possibility of seven new council members, we need someone with his knowledge and experience who can start doing the job on day one.

Serving on the City’s Capital Long Range Improvement Committee, Matt Perry already knows the city’s budget and debt structure.  He understands that if you propose hiring more police officers than the mayor’s budget calls for as Ms. Palmisano has done that you either have to raise property taxes or cut services.

At the same time Ms. Palmisano announced going beyond the mayor’s numbers which she called a “good start” she let us know that the police union had endorsed her.  Matt Perry is beholden to no vested interests.  He will ask the Chief and not the union for what the city’s needs are.

This summer Ms. Palmisano also supported a proposal by MEO to put a resolution on the ballot that would give the city the authority to municipalize the energy systems.  On her July 27th Facebook page (which has recently been removed), she said that this was a good negotiating tactic to use with Xcel.  Matt Perry has opposed this resolution from the start and opposed the municipalization of our energy system because he understood that the costs of doing so were exorbitant.

I am getting ready to retire soon and I want someone who is going to see that property taxes don’t drive me out of my home.  That candidate is Matt Perry.

Judy Schermer
Linden Hills