Matt Perry is the right pick to lead Ward 13

The 13th Ward needs an experienced, articulate leader; a responsible, budget-savvy representative in City Hall. That is why I support Matt Perry for 13th Ward City Council. 

Matt has a decade of experience working with all the neighborhoods in the 13th Ward. He is a small business owner as well as founder and president of the Nicollet-East Harriet Business Association, representing over 200 businesses from 10 neighborhoods.

Matt is active in city budget issues, as a member of the Capital Long Range Improvement Committee (CLIC), which advises the Mayor and City Council on capital budgeting issues including the five-year capital plan.  He is also Chair of the Minneapolis Zoning Board of Adjustment- dealing with land-use/development issues.

Also important, Matt is on record opposing a municipal electrical utility in Minneapolis. While currently not being discussed, the push to use city tax dollars to purchase capital assets and infrastructure from Xcel Energy will continue in 2014.  Moody’s Investors Services downgraded Minneapolis’ credit rating in July of this year, for its $679 million in outstanding general obligation debt.  Purchasing capital assets from Xcel to create a municipal utility could easily triple that debt load.  Matt’s opponent in the 13th Ward race supports Minneapolis Energy Options, the group pushing for municipalization, as stated on her Facebook page- a position she also relayed to Xcel Energy.

Vote Matt Perry for 13th Ward City Council.

Mike Hohmann
Linden Hills