Matt Perry is a bridge builder

I have been involved with Linden Hills neighborhood politics and policy since the 1980s, both from the residential side where I chaired LHiNC in the 80s to chairing the business association (LHBA) in the 2000s.

I have watched Matt Perry be a leader for neighborhood livability and have witnessed him create what is probably the largest business association in the state, if not the country.  He has brought together over 200 members throughout 10 neighborhoods, not a small feat by any measure.  In addition, I’m impressed with his involvement and dedication to the much broader citywide issues such as parks and recreation, light rail, capital long range planning and the zoning advisory board to name a few.

I have always been particularly supportive of our small commercial nodes’ “ma & pa” businesses, and believe they factor greatly in the quality of life for our neighborhoods, Matt has demonstrated unusual and remarkable leadership in his vision for their support and viability while also being involved in our city’s greater scope and issues.  We need now, more than ever, this type of leadership and ability to unite. Our city and our neighborhoods depend on it.

Dave Luger