Mark Andrew is the leader Minneapolis needs

When it comes to choosing our next mayor of Minneapolis, we’ll look down at our ballots and see plenty of options come Nov. 5. But only one candidate has the bold vision and proven experience to collaborate with other leaders and build on the progress we’ve made in recent years.

Mark Andrew is the progressive leader Minneapolis needs. As Hennepin County Commissioner, he worked across the city to lift every neighborhood up, and he’ll continue to champion progressive values as mayor — especially when it comes to education.

Before graduating from the U of M, Mark went to public school here and his kids went to public school here. But he believes that we have more work to do if we’re going to make Minneapolis public schools every parent’s first choice to prepare our kids with the skills and knowledge needed to compete for tomorrow’s jobs.

As part of his Growing Great Kids agenda, Mark will improve improve our schools and make sure every neighborhood is as safe and stable as the one my kids grew up in. Not only will he renew and expand important partnerships with Hennepin County and within Minneapolis to put put kids first, he’s already bringing together diverse leaders around ways to close our achievement gaps.

Last week, Mark announced his new Mayor’s Council on Education, which will be led by former teacher’s union president Louise Sundin and education philanthropist Mike Ciresi. They don’t agree on everything, but they both stand behind Mark’s leadership and collaborative strength. That’s why they both agreed to set aside their differences and work together to find solutions that work for all our kids.

Education in Minneapolis is an important part of my family’s past, present and future. My wife and I graduated from Minneapolis public schools and went the the U of M. Our son is a student at Southwest High School, and our daughter graduated from Southwest two years ago. You won’t be surprised to learn she’s at the U of M right now.

My family didn’t choose these public schools because they’re in Minneapolis. We chose them because they’re great schools that happen to be in Minneapolis, and I strongly believe we need a mayor who will make sure there are great schools in every neighborhood.

Mark Andrew will make this progress possible as our next mayor. He’s my first choice on November 5 because he’ll bring people together and make Minneapolis an even better place to learn and grow. 

Sean Crimmins
Southwest Minneapolis