A voice of support for Linea Palmisano

I grew up in a working class family, which means we lived life with a pretty predictable set of standards and expectations.    

We didn’t expect to be heard or taken seriously in affairs of the community. We didn’t expect to change things.  We just expected to work and deal with things as they come.  I’ve managed to build a good life because the state of Pennsylvania built a system of state colleges and universities that let us all in and rewarded effort.    

My mother taught me to work hard and the school system gave me the opportunity to apply that life lesson. I have never lost track of the truth that life is determined by opportunity.

I’m supporting Linea Palmisano’s candidacy for the 13th Ward seat on the City Council because of our first face to face meeting. She listened to me, not because she was angling for political support, but because she starts out simply listening to people. It’s her way of navigating life.  

I had read literature depicting her  interests and accomplishments, but what drew me to her was her straightforward taking the time to find out about my interests and accomplishments.    

After meeting Linea, it made sense to me that she would have created NAVIGATE, a college access program designed to provide support and direction for immigrants pursuing their American dreams. Linea understands the meaning of opportunity, and she has the intelligence, skill and work-life maturity to turn good ideas into real things.   

She immerses herself in the life of her neighborhood, but has the sort of mind that thinks in large ways about where all the people of our city are headed.

She can bring opportunity to all of our community.

Barbara Melom