A voice of support for Cam Winton

I’ve been a 35 year resident of Minneapolis and am passionate about this city. I believe it is time to try a different kind of leadership in Minneapolis so I am supporting Cam Winton for mayor.

I have gotten to know Cam and I am impressed with his business background and pragmatic ideas. He helped build a very successful wind energy company and I know how challenging this was because I was in the wind industry at the same time.

I believe we need a mayor that has successful business experience. I resonate with Cam’s belief that it is irresponsible to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need, e.g. the Nicollet street car project. Also Cam’s open minded approach to social issues fits well with the culture of this city.

While we are not Detroit, we should want to avoid sliding in that direction. Minneapolis has had DFL mayors for decades in a row. I think it’s time we give the other guys a shot.

Jeffrey A. Wright