A response to Wes Skoglund’s letter about Tuthill

I am writing in response to Wes Skoglund’s letter regarding his call to Meg Tuthill’s office. I am Council Member Tuthill’s aide and I received Mr. Skoglund’s call on Sept. 23, 2010.

What Mr. Skoglund didn’t say in his letter is that I had two conversations with him that day and addressed his issues. During his first call he stated he was calling for his daughter, who was a former resident of the 10th Ward.

He had many concerns about his daughter’s former landlord and the many buildings the landlord owned in Minneapolis.

Although Mr. Skoglund is a resident of the 12th Ward, our office was more than happy to receive his call. With Council Member Tuthill attending a meeting, because of the scope of his issues I directed Mr. Skoglund to call the Director of Regulatory Services. In addition, I suggested he contact the Council Members representing the wards where the landlord’s other buildings were located.

In my second call with Mr. Skoglund that day he informed me he had spoken with the Director of Regulatory Services and the Assistant Director of Regulatory Services. He was also planning to call the Director of Housing.

Although Mr. Skoglund did not speak with Council Member Tuthill directly, I noted his concerns and appropriately directed them to Council Member Tuthill and the various staff departments.

Council Member Tuthill’s constituent service is one of the best at City Hall. I see it firsthand every day.  Our office is very proud of our record when it comes to working with constituents.They can expect nothing less than the best when they call us.

Leslie Foreman
Aide to Council Member Meg Tuthill
10th Ward City of Minneapolis