Woodruff is the right choice for mayor

I am honored to serve as the campaign chair for Stephanie Woodruff for Mayor of Minneapolis.  Stephanie is focused and results-oriented.  She is the right leader for our City.

The other major candidates running for Mayor are good people.  I have worked with most of them.  I respect their commitment to public service.  We share a love of Minneapolis.   Collectively they have done important work for our City.

For the past six months, the so-called  “leading” candidates for Mayor have played by the conventional rules of politics.  Raise as much money as possible early in the campaign.  Line up endorsements from people you know in politics.   Claim the best labels.   Play it safe on the major issues so as not to offend anyone.   

Meanwhile the insiders focus on “the horse race.” How much money is in the bank?  What political insiders are backing which candidate?  Is the old guard or the new guard going to win the political battle?

These old rules of politics have not served us well.  We are failing our children with the worst achievement gap in America.   We are failing too many of our neighborhoods and leaving too many behind.  Finally, we are failing in delivering open and transparent government that makes the right investments for our citizens.  Our current path is not sustainable. 

2013 ushers in a new era of politics for our City.  Ranked Choice Voting allows each of us to vote for our hopes and not our fears. RCV encourages us to discard the horse race mentality and to embrace a more inclusive politics that welcomes new ideas and new leaders.  Ranked Choice Voting calls on us to take a closer look at candidates who have the courage to confront the status quo and run from outside the political establishment.

Stephanie Woodruff is calling on all of us to create a more sustainable future for our City.  Stephanie Woodruff will face our most critical issues — education, transit, jobs and budget — head on.  Stephanie Woodruff will put people over politics.  Take a closer look – you will like what you see.

Paul Ostrow
Former 1st Ward City Council member