Say no to roaming cats

At the peak of our problems with cats roaming through our yard, there were five different cats passing through day and night.

Most, if not all, of these cats had collars on so they are probably neighborhood cats and not feral cats. I am adamantly against legalizing feral cat colonies for this reason. We love our birds and we are not animal owners of any kind. Why should we have to put up with animals in our yard when we have made a conscience decision not to own an animal? Dogs cannot legally roam the streets anymore, so why do we allow cats to do so? On several occasions we have been awakened in the night to a cat encountering a raccoon or some other wild animal and it is not a sound you want to hear. I would think that cat owners would want to spare their pet from this ugly encounter.

I believe that restricting home owners from allowing their cats to roam, educating the public on spaying and neutering (cats do get out unintentionally once in a while) and starting a public campaign to discourage people from purchasing pets on a whim that later become a burden to all of us. This would be the best use of our resources. The gentlemen quoted in this Southwest Journal article stated very clearly that these feral cats are “rambunctious” because they are not used to being around humans. That would make capturing them very difficult. Allowing these cats to be fed and counting on people to capture them to be fixed is ridiculous, and I hope that our city council will listen to all sides, not just the cat lovers. This is a bad idea!

Mary Linnihan