Matt Perry can save us from monster homes

Our neighborhood is filled with little stucco bungalows where families raise their children, enjoy the company of their neighbors, and retire in comfort. Now some of these homes are gone.

They have been replaced by monster homes. They are built to satisfy a developer’s greed and their customer’s edifice complex. As big as bill boards they steal their neighbor’s sunlight. A good ordinance passed in the late 2000s reined in some the worst of these abuses.

The ordinance is now well seasoned and it is clear that it does not go far enough. Many tear down permits have been issued in the last 12 months in our Ward.

The rest of the city does not care. It is not their problem. It is a 13th Ward problem and it needs a 13th Ward leader to fix it.

That leader is Matt Perry. I serve on the Minneapolis Zoning Board of Adjustment with Matt. He has been a member of the board since 2005 and has chaired it since 2009. He is well versed with Minneapolis City Ordinances and has a clear and practical understanding of land use.

In June of this year a developer came before the board and asked for a variance, to the monster home code, to put too big a house on a sub-standard sized lot. Variance denied! Help save our neighborhood! In November, vote for Matt Perry for City Council!

John Finlayson