Lisa Bender will listen to constituents

I seldom get involved in intra-party disputes, but have to speak out on the Lisa Bender vs. Meg Tuthill  10th ward race for two reasons: their willingness to listen and our right to vote on the stadium sales tax.

I naively tried calling Council Member Tuthill a couple of years ago, to tell her about a landlord in her ward who was cheating every tenant out of their damage deposit and my idea on how to prevent his dishonesty.  Note I said “tried.” But, I was told by her staff that since I did not live in her ward, I could not talk to her, ever.

Apparently, she makes exceptions for special people from New Jersey, like Vikings owner Zygi Wilf or his high buck lobbyists, who certainly had an easier time getting through.  Maybe they called on a good day.

After all, how else could they have wheedled Ms. Tuthill to dump the people’s right to vote on the Minneapolis-only stadium tax?

Maybe if Ms. Tuthill had been willing to talk with me, some renters would not be cheated.  And definitely if she had said “No” to Zygi Wilf, this billion dollar blunder could have been rethought by the voters footing the bill.

By the way, I called candidate Lisa Bender, who answered the phone immediately.  Even though we had never met and I don’t live in her ward, she was more than willing to listen to everything I said.  Vote for Lisa Bender.

She’ll listen to everybody.

Wes Skoglund
State Senator, ret. and 12th Warder