Lisa Bender is the right choice for Ward 10

As one who is committed to the environmental health and sustainability of my neighborhood and city, I urge residents of Ward 10 to join me in voting for DFL-endorsed candidate Lisa Bender for City Council.  

Lisa is thoughtful, sharp and driven.  I share her progressive values and admire her demonstrated capacity for leadership.  

Face-to-face, Lisa listens openly and without preconception.  I have no doubt that she will be a strong, responsive advocate for her Ward 10 constituents.  Moreover, Lisa will be a goal-oriented and proactive member of the City Council, working with others to initiate policy changes that will strengthen our ward and the City as a whole.

Ward 10, and Uptown in particular, is the locus of robust growth and development.  We need a representative with education and professional experience in city planning – like Lisa – to guide that development.  Every new building should be a model of sustainability, incorporating energy efficiency features, renewable energy sources and responsible systems for waste reduction and storm-water management.  Careful planning for transit should be integrated into all development decisions.  The glut of cars in Uptown demands that we cultivate viable alternatives for travel to and through the area.  

Lisa Bender’s work at the Minnesota Department of Transportation on its Safe Routes to School program and her forward-thinking creation of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition reflect her commitment to well-designed transit.

During the coming year, the City Council will face an opportunity to take bold actions to reduce Minneapolis’ carbon footprint.  The Council will be prioritizing strategies from the Climate Action Plan for immediate attention.

The Council will be reviewing the results of the Energy Pathways Study and negotiating new utility franchise agreements with Xcel and Centerpoint.

During this critical period, Ward 10 needs a Council Member who fundamentally understands environmental issues.  We need a Council Member who will work with intelligence and collaboration to move the City toward its energy goals.

 We need Lisa Bender.

I join the Sierra Club, Rep. Frank Hornstein, Sen. Scott Dibble and others in supporting Lisa Bender.  Ward 10 deserves a representative who will enter City Hall ready to work effectively for policies that will ensure a prosperous and greener Minneapolis.

Sarah Sponheim
East Calhoun