Tired of endless road construction

As we enter the eighth or ninth year of continuous projects aimed at improving our quality of life I wonder when we will have quality enough. Its been eight or nine years since flood 19 was started just outside my house for 18 months, then 35W/46th, then Nicollet Avenue, then Lyndale Avenue, then the bridge over the Hiawatha on Lyndale, now Penn and the bridge over 62 and 46th from Lyndale to Dupont, and work on Lyndale during the Penn closing, and the ridiculous wait to cross 62 on Xerses.

I suspect we have indeed had a break in there somewhere but it doesnt feel that way. Longer drives to work, delays no real plan for what to do with different traffic loads and flows. Construction on detours and on and on. Certainly we all like the end product but when does this end? Soon I hope.  I wonder if anyone else thinks about just how long the seemingly endless improvements have affected our daily routines? It becomes increasingly difficult to enter southwest Minneapolis from the south on surface streets. When does our quality of life really improve?

Chris Ingram