Support for a Midtown Greenway Streetcar

I am excited by the transit opportunities coming to Minneapolis in the coming years.

With each step, we must consider how best to develop a connected transit network to foster healthy development throughout the city and metro area.

As planners reconsider the possibility of a tunnel along the Southwest Corridor LRT between the West End of Calhoun and I-394, I hope to see a streetcar connecting the Southwest Line with the Hiawatha Line that runs along the midtown greenway. As a part of a larger transit network, including a streetcar along Nicollet and Central Avenues, this streetcar will serve a critical cross-town transit role along the second busiest bus route in the metro.

A tunnel to protect the property value interests of residents along the LRT corridor between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles would eliminate the possibility of a cross-town streetcar. As a regular bicyclist along the Cedar Lake Trail, I think an LRT line would only add to the visual interest of the route. The potential boon to urban lifestyles by a thorough transit network, including a Midtown Greenway Streetcar, is worth the perceived threat to property owners near Calhoun-Isles.

Travis Churchward