Betsy Hodges’ election year awakening

Betsy Hodges recently announced her plan for a zero-waste Minneapolis.  When I checked out the details, there was not much content.

Not only were there no real policy proposals, but the only reduction targets were to help Minneapolis achieve 30 percent  fewer greenhouse gas emissions and reach a composting rate of 15 percent of the waste stream by 2025.

First, that’s not zero-waste. Not even close.

Second, if this sounds familiar, that’s because the Minneapolis City Council adopted these goals in June as part of the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan. 

Environmental issues are very important to me, and a zero-waste goal is great.  Betsy Hodges, however, appears to be more interested in making a statement rather than making a difference.  She has been a representative at City Hall for eight years, and she’s been a fine council member, but she does not have a demonstrated track record as a leader on environmental issues. 

Tim Keane