Not a fan of development trends in Linden Hills

While reading your July 18th cover article on a growth spurt by Uptown developers, I cringed. I am surrounded by at least three of these new homes within eyesight of my own home in Linden Hills. I feel like I have been beamed into an outer suburb. The aesthetic of the architecture is “suburbanizing” this historic neighborhood.  If I wanted to look out at this type of suburban “taste” in housing design I’d have chosen Woodbury or Maple Grove myself! 

Everyone wants the benefits of living in the city — especially Linden Hills— yet they’re bringing their suburban lifestyles, and tastes with them. I am appalled on so many levels. Next, I suppose, it will be those huge backyard, 5 foot tall round tubs some might call a swimming pool?

Karen Louise Boothe
Linden Hills