No excuse for Kingfield dog attack

I just want to thank you for addressing this issue. I ran a nonprofit bully breed rescue for 15+ years and am an owner of a very large-although geriatric-American Pit Bull Terrier. The horror endured by this family’s innocent and faultless Springer Spaniel literally brought me to my knees in horrified tears. There is no excuse for such a preventable attack.

And the idiots who own these specific Pit Bulls have no right to ever own a large breed of dog again. Shame on Animal Control for deeming this a “animal-on-animal bite.” This was something known as predatory aggression to us rescue types. Perhaps Territorialism was a component …which is a moot point. When dogs of any breed kill, it is almost always a child victim and almost always a predatory attack by multiple dogs or a territiorial attack. Dogs who wage such an attack on dogs may also do so to people. No excuses. No prejudice. Just Fact. This Springer’s nightmare is now fodder for the breed banning crowd as well, who has one very solid and often dismissed point: Pit Bull type dogs are often very dog aggressive. So are Shar Peis, Akitas, and dozens of other breeds. Bird dogs are used to hunt due to their genetic predisposition to hunt. Greyhounds race as sight hounds. Fighting dogs may be dog aggressive. It’s no excuse to ban a breed for a long outlawed blood sport. In fact “Pit Bull types rarely are aggressive with humans. But we need to take one big dose of reality from this incident. 1) If you own a dog-aggressive dog, it can not be allowed loose ever. If you can’t handle this … euthanize the animal before your failure causes harm to another. 2) Most “Pit Bull types” are not dog aggressive. If you own one, socialize them and be aware of the individual traits of the animal. If in doubt? Muzzle on leash walks. (I do this and will sooner pick up the 75lb dog than allow two 10lb off-leash dogs to jump on her). 3) Wake up Animal Control. Group attacks equals predation. Mandatory euthanasia on these attackers. 4) Lastly and sadly, leash laws are not just for aggressive dogs to be restrained but for loose dogs to be separated from leashed agressors.

Please just leash your pet if you are not at a dog park. I’ve had no incidents because I know how to protect my dog and yours. But the 20-plus times I had to protect loose “friendly” dogs from my own dog in her yard/muzzled on a leash walk … please obey the leash laws folks. Not everyone has worked over 15 years with rescue dogs. Thank you so much for your time and my heart bleeds for the owner of this poor Springer. I can’t imagine seeing my Pit Bull suffer such agony at the hands of an incompetent jerk. Unfair and inexcusable.   

Starr Quirt