The DFL Convention and the future of Minneapolis

This past Saturday, June 15, I had the chance to participate in my first Minneapolis City Convention as a delegate from the Bryn Mawr neighborhood. It was great to see teachers, students, and parents that I have known from my neighborhood and the schools I’ve attended: Kenwood, Clara Barton, and Southwest High School. It was a great opportunity to catch up with people and talk with them about why I am supporting Mark.

I’m a sophomore at the University of Minnesota and I’m excited about Mark Andrew because he has a real understanding of how to build a better city. He has a big vision and the experience in the public and private sector to make him an effective mayor. As a young person living in the city, I know he will lead in making our city the greenest city in the country and help bring prosperity to all our fellow residents.

At the convention it became clear to me that the other leading candidates did not present an inspiring vision of our city in the future. Most of them have been City Hall insiders for too long. I want a Mayor who has a fresh perspective for our city. I hope you will join me in supporting Mark Andrew for Minneapolis Mayor.

Patrick Kelliher
Bryn Mawr