Concerned by Hodges’ rhetoric

As a Minneapolis senior citizen who has followed political candidates for over 40 years, I am appalled at Betsy Hodges’ response to Fire Union president Mark Lakosky. To use subjective language such as “wildly” inaccurate and “tried to create fear” indicates an arrogance and lack of respect that does not speak well for a potential mayor.  The next mayor of Minneapolis needs to interface with police, firefighters and teachers unions as well as calmly mediating differences between the many departments of city government.  

I do not know him personally, but I’ve read admirable reports of Mr. Lakosky’s efforts to secure the manpower, equipment, and protective gear that firefighters need to save lives in Minneapolis. Aspiring mayors with integrity have nothing to fear from honest criticism and a person’s desire to do what is right.

Eileen C. Adamec