Carol Markham-Cousins — our own Maggie Thatcher?

The June 10-23 issue  of the Southwest Hournal had an article on the new principal assignments within the Minneapolis Public Schools. Carol Markham- Cousins is assigned to Stadium View Freedom School, the school within the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center.  

The previous and retiring principal, Larry Lucio, was placed there after being yanked out of Edison High.  If the powers-that-be in the Minneapolis Public Schools think this is a demotion for Carol, they have misjudged the lady. Carol rises up to a challenge and makes a success of a poor situation. This assignment will be a blessing for the 78+ students and their parents in Stadium View. Watch for these young people to better their lives. Of course the Minneapolis Public School administrators will take credit  for this farsighted assignment.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my point of view.

Aroti Bayman