Voters deserve more options on Election Day

It has been suggested, in your paper, that Meg Tuthill honor the endorsement process and decline to run for City Council. Instead, I hope she decides to run; so that voters have more than one viable candidate to choose from this fall.

I am very disappointed that the recent caucuses chose to endorse a candidate. With so many fine people running, voters should have been allowed to chose from among the candidates, rather than have the decision handed to us by the few people with the time and inclination to caucus.

In a ward where the only viable candidate is always the DFL candidate, giving us a caucus endorsement means the caucus elects the candidate, not the voters. The caucus system shouldn’t rig our elections.

Now that we have ranked choice voting in Minneapolis, more than ever before, voters deserve to have candidates to chose from. Without more than one DFL candidate for Ward 10, voters have no realistic options.

Honoring caucus endorsements makes sense in races where other parties’ candidates factor into the final election, but in a DFL locked-down ward, it just gives voters one more reason not to bother to go to the polls.

I wish all the candidates had stayed in the race, but since they didn’t, I encourage Meg Tuthill to run. 

Lucinda Naylor