Thanks to employees at now closed Caribou

Thank you to all the great employees at the now-closed Caribou at 53rd and Lyndale.  

Sarah, Gray, Christian, Dave, Joanna, Molly and former employees Anna, Hannah, Esme and many more. You were always friendly and helpful and made Caribou more than just a stop for coffee. I especially loved it when I ran in in a hurry and you had my coffee ready by the time I got to the front of the line and paid.  It seems Caribou made a very short-sighted decision to close a bustling shop based on poor sales during the Lyndale bridge construction.  

The employees made the shop a success and I will miss seeing you.  I hope you have all found new jobs with Caribou, or something even better, and wish you luck and good fortune.  We will miss you at 53rd and Lyndale.

Libby Weil