An endorsement for Lisa Bender for 10th Ward seat

I’m excited to support Lisa Bender for Ward 10 City Council. Lisa is open-minded and dedicated to finding solutions and opportunities that improve our communities. As a longterm Uptown advocate, I want a leader who will pull together stakeholders to delve into an issue to identify our shared values and goals, weigh potential action items, and follow it through to ensure results. We don’t need more plans collecting dust, we need meaningful results.

Lisa has the experience necessary to bringing those results. Her experience in forming and leading the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition demonstrates her ability to organize, build capacity, and make a difference. Recently Lisa pulled together a diverse group, including appropriate city staff, to hear from an expert who was in town on how to support businesses through creative partnerships that expand public space. Her interest in the public good coupled with drive, collaboration, and fairness is what will make Lisa a strong leader.

Lisa and I share similar values, love for the city, and interest in creating meaningful change. I urge you to support Lisa Bender for Ward 10 City Council.

Thatcher Imboden
Uptown businessperson