Thanks for reporting on bike-car crashes study

I want to thank Mr. Halter for his article last month about bike-car crashes. I think he did a good job reporting fairly about both parties involved in these crashes. As a year-round bicyclist I am fully aware that I am responsible for riding predictably and making myself as visible as possible to motorists.

As an occasional motorist I am aware that I must always remain vigilant for others using the roads who may be smaller, slower, or quieter than myself. I think the city is wise to continue tracking and analyzing such data to make more informed decisions about future infrastructure. I want to praise the city and Mr. Halter for addressing the seriousness of the problem and calling a spade a spade. The term “accident” minimizes responsibility for the parties involved and ignores the gravity of the final outcome. The contribution of either party may be accidental but the result is a crash, a dangerous event. Some bikers have a reputation of being too cavalier, ignoring the rules. Some motorists have a reputation of being inattentive. (In the 3 seconds it takes a driver to text “LOL” a vehicle moving at a mere 20 mph will travel about 88 feet. That’s about a third of a football field!) We must all work to make ourselves see and be seen, listen and be heard. We must share the road graciously.

Phillip Ehresmann
Kenny Neighborhood