Questions about racism

I read the story “After Racial Incident, Washburn Makes Plans to Heal.” I began to wonder if the doll was white would it be still racism? Or what if it was done by  other African-Americans or Hispanics, would that be racism?  

Is it racism when blacks commit crimes against blacks in North Minneapolis?  Isn’t it more about bad acts or good acts?  What does it have to do with color of skin?  Those who are outraged because it’s a “racial incident” are the ones who create racism by dividing people by the skin color. This is destroying the society.

And I am an immigrant myself, half-minority, from Russia, where we also had slavery up to 1861, but nobody brings it up anymore, because people are judged by what they DO now, not by who their ancestors were or what color of the skin they have.

Anna Hovey 
Linden Hills