Outraged by racial incident at Washburn

I was outraged when I read the article “After Racial Incident Washburn Makes Plans to Heal” in the Southwest Journal. The article described how Washburn students hung a black baby doll from a noose in the hallway and posted images of it on social media sites.

I am disappointed how the school is dealing with this crisis of ignorance and cruelty. I was glad to hear that the school had a whole school assembly to talk about the racist incident and impressed when they said they would continue that conversation and called or emailed all the parents of Washburn students. But that is not enough. Washburn is my district high school. If I had chosen to go there I would be a sophomore there now.

Ater hearing about the incident I’m glad I decided not to attend.  As Principal Carol Markham-Cousins said, “One of the things I learned is everybody doesn’t know how terrible the image is.” This shows how desperately the school needs to improve their teaching about the history of racism in America and the systemic oppression of African Americans. I also believe they should include workshops on white privilege and racism for all students to address the issues of overt racism obviously already present at their school.

As a citizen of the southwest area and a high school student of color who would have attended this school I believe this incident is a call the educational arms and an opportunity to address the reality of racism in America today.

Maddie Nicholson