City needs to be more transparent about spending

I’m concerned after reading the article regarding the lack of financial transparency with budgets and expenses within Minneapolis city government. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that at a time when taxpayers are facing increasing costs in areas such as; health care, taxes, and education that we would want to know that our elected officials are being good stewards of our tax dollars and accountable in a measurable way.

I believe that a statement such as, “it would not be in the best interest of our taxpayers to dramatically increase our level of transparency” is strange. I don’t think the city is at risk of being overly transparent in reporting financial data to taxpayers. And only 6,000 hits on a website being a reason not to communicate is not a good argument. How well was that website marketed? I think the cost of building and maintaining a website that reports financial data to the citizens of Minneapolis is something we can support.

Many of our citizens do not trust city government after what happened with the Vikings stadium and deciding against financial transparency doesn’t go very far to build trust it only reaffirms our suspicions.

 Patrick Lennander