Show your support for Minnehaha Creek

I am a member of Citizens for Minnehaha Creek Corridor. We dedicate ourselves to restoring natural habitat and improving recreational opportunities on Minnehaha Creek through community involvement, education and advocacy.

I joined this organization because I truly care about our area lakes and creeks—and as a citizen I believe I can help keep them in great condition.

If you live in this area, I’m willing to bet that you, too, care about the condition of our local bodies of water. If you’ve spent the day sailing on Lake Minnetonka or—gone canoeing on Minnehaha Creek, you should care. I’m not saying you need to join an organization like I did, but you can share your thoughts at a public open house from 6:30-8pm on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at the Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Avenue South, on the west shore of Lake Calhoun. It’s being hosted by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District—another organization that’s working to maintain local bodies of water.

The purpose of their open houses is to get community members to weigh in on clean water—basically give their opinions on what they would like the organization to do to preserve our area lakes. Unlike joining an organization, this is a one time commitment that will take little more than an hour of your time. By attending this event, and simply sharing your opinions, you could help make sure the creeks and lakes we know and love get the care and support they need. From one citizen to another, please weigh in on clean water with me.

Kenneth Gothberg